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How 2020 changed my life, a series. Part Three.

The pandemic has been hitting our country for nearly five months. As of right now, the city I live in has an outbreak of close to one hundred cases from the Canada day weekend festivities. The last two weeks have felt like an eerie flashback of this spring. The risk of catching and spreading covid-19 […]

How 2020 changed my life, a series. Part Two.

The pandemic threw a wrench in the gears for everything, everywhere and for everyone. If this pandemic did anything, it brought every single human being on this planet down to the same level. This virus doesn’t care if you’re a man, woman, trans … young, old, healthy, underlying health conditions. This virus was so powerful […]

How 2020 changed my life, a series. Part One.

Part One: New Year, New Me. Everything looked so bright back in January, which feels like ages ago… My New Year’s resolution was to challenge myself and step outside my comfort zone. So, I did. I started off by doing the whole “dry January” thing. Which sounds cringey to follow a trend like that, however, […]

Mock White Paper to Support the Indigenous Renaissance

This was a was a fun project to work on this semester. I invented “native creative” and don’t intend sending this out, hence, the word mock. The research is accurate and credible, but it was just an in class assignment. This just demonstrates another facet of my writing capabilities 🤓🤓 Link to PDF File in […]

6 books in my collection that I recommend

That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet. Sometimes it is so hard finding new books. We all have different tastes, comprehension levels and access to books. While we are facing some unprecedented times in our world, our governments asking us to stay inside to protect one another … Why […]

5 local hidden gems to consider when you want to try new cuisines. (Kelowna, BC)

We all know the benefits of supporting and eating local, but sometimes it’s hard finding those little gems tucked away in Kelowna’s growing cityscape. Are you looking for a way to support local businesses? Are you looking to try out a new cuisine? Check out this list and consider growing your experiences with flavours, textures, […]

Social Media, Participatory Culture & New Media Environments

The emergence of the digital era coupled with major technology advancements has created a world in which everyone can be connected via the Internet, apps, mobile devices, and computers. Participatory media have transformed how content is shared, accessed and created thus making it easy to stay connected to the global digital community. Today, it can […]

First Published Piece

Thistle Farm My partner and I created this project in our fall semester for a communications class. Our class project focused on food security and food systems in Kamloops BC. It was a wonderful experience and was a lot of fun meeting the owners of Thistle Farm. It was an honour to be a part […]

A day in the life of a University Student

I created this brief documentary of myself and what I do on a day to day basis. I thought it would be interesting for people to see how much goes into a single day for university students. I demonstrated a typical busy day or self, including homework and work. This was fun to make, from […]

2020 Update

Looking back on 2019 I feel like 2019 went by way too fast. Its like scary how fast that twelve months went by… I finished two semesters of school, moved to Kelowna for the summer and worked. My fall semester flew by. I blinked and it was 2020. I’m now in my final year of […]

Letters to Strangers: Dear I’m depressed,

They say to always check on your happiest friends. Sometimes people can hide their emotions so completely from the people in their lives. Sometimes when someone is going through the absolute worst time of their life, the people who surround them will have no idea. Why do some people hide their emotions? Why do they […]

Letter to Strangers: Dear I’m Lonely,

The overwhelming feeling of being alone can hit you in the most peculiar places. Sitting in a coffee shop, sipping a steamy cup of tea and looking out the window, watching a couple walk by holding hands, completely enveloped in each other’s loving gazes. Or sitting on a city bus, raising your head and gazing […]

Sustainability at Thompson Rivers University

2019 has been a year full of climate strikes, global climate crisis news and a call of action for more sustainability. Governments, corporations, and institutions are taking the initiative to reduce waste and carbon emissions and increase eco-friendly practices. That being said, activism and protesting are at their peaks with large amounts of civilians taking […]

Art Therapy

WHAT IS ART THERAPY? What comes to mind when you think of therapy? Sitting across from a psychologist who is rapidly scribbling across a yellow note pad? Or lying on a leather couch staring at the blank ceiling pouring out your inner turmoil? Did painting, drawing or pottery ever come to mind? Classic therapy sessions […]

Indigenous Heritage Recovery Video

The news issue in my news video is the recovery of indigenous heritage. The focus is how one Indigenous person works to recover his own connection to his people. Vernie Clement explains that he had a hard time maintaining his Indigenous identity while at university in Kamloops. Due to a history of having that heritage […]

Indigenous Heritage Recovery Photo Essay

My project topic was the recovery of and reconnection to Indigenous heritage. My subject, Vernie Clement, is a supervisor at House 5- the Indigenous student resource center on TRU’s campus. Vernie is from a very small and isolated community from Lheyidli, which is close to Prince George, BC. He then moved to Kamloops to attend […]

VLOG done with my Travel Media Group

Partners were: Myself, Mel Bibeau, Sydney Johnstone, Brendan Coulter, and Jackson Willson-Grell All work was divided equally between us all, in no way am I taking full credit. They worked hard! As students, we are all on tight budgets and cannot afford Kamloops’ expensive fine dining options. While searching online, we found that most of […]

Six Tips for Taking Charge on Mental Health

In the beginning… I remember my first serious anxiety attack. I was seven years old and was absolutely freaking out because my parents were late coming home from the store. I was irrationally worried something terrible had happened to them. I remember when insomnia started to affect me. I was fourteen years old. This time […]

Signals and Rhymes: A look at Indigenous film

Indigenous movie representation can sometimes be less than accurate. From battles with romanticization to stereotyping to limited finances, Indigenous filmmakers and actors are trying to knock down the barriers they face in the industry. A great example of this was featured in the CBC article, How a new wave of Indigenous cinema is changing the narrative […]

2019 update

I haven’t done an update about what is happening for me with school and life! And since its a new year I better get something out to keep anyone who reads my blog (I appreciate you!) updated and keep myself writing! School I am in my second semester now and its going really well. I […]

Canada’s Indigenous peoples in times of protest

The Canadian government and Canadian Indigenous peoples have had a long and tumultuous relationship. There have been countless protests from the indigenous peoples. Ranging from legal rights to environmental concerns, Indigenous people have never been shy about sharing their opinions and the government has never been afraid of trying their best at reconciling this relationship. […]


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