Part 4- Struggles lead to successes

Hope has not been lost…

Thus far, readers of this project may think that it has been a very negative outlook on the life of indigenous university students. Despite all these historical challenges, indigenous people have been taking huge strides in surpassing their dark past.

Indigenous students have more support than ever. Families and communities have realized the importance of encouraging and supporting the younger generations.

Indigenous governments (bands) are supporting students by funding them throughout their educations because many families struggle with the high costs of post-secondary schools.

Ultimately, through this project I hope to bring attention to what students and indigenous people have faced through the last century. By doing this I hope to bring a spark of inspiration for students to understand one another and connect on deeper levels.

This is important to strengthen the younger generations of Canada and most importantly, to bring together the students of TRU.

By Cheyanna Dyck

My name is Cheyanna Lorraine and I am an Indigenous journalism student.

I love to write, cook, paint and everything thing about summer! Join me on my chaotic and beautiful adventure of navigating through life.

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