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Six Tips for Taking Charge on Mental Health

In the beginning… I remember my first serious anxiety attack. I was seven years old and was absolutely freaking out because my parents were late coming home from the store. I was irrationally worried something terrible had happened to them. I remember when insomnia started to affect me. I was fourteen years old. This time […]

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Signals and Rhymes: A look at Indigenous film

Indigenous movie representation can sometimes be less than accurate. From battles with romanticization to stereotyping to limited finances, Indigenous filmmakers and actors are trying to knock down the barriers they face in the industry. A great example of this was featured in the CBC article, How a new wave of Indigenous cinema is changing the narrative […]


2019 update

I haven’t done an update about what is happening for me with school and life! And since its a new year I better get something out to keep anyone who reads my blog (I appreciate you!) updated and keep myself writing! School I am in my second semester now and its going really well. I […]