2019 update

I haven’t done an update about what is happening for me with school and life! And since its a new year I better get something out to keep anyone who reads my blog (I appreciate you!) updated and keep myself writing!


I am in my second semester now and its going really well. I am on top of things, the gears are grinding away and I’m really happy. I’ll type out what classes I’m taking and a brief explanation of what I’m doing in each…Just like I did last semester:

Online Journalism- We are practicing researching and writing online stories, creating a team video project and formatting it into an online video. The upper classmen are doing all the coding, editing and creation of the blog/website/story we are all creating. They are also doing a magazine for our class. My role is pretty lax, but I’ll be taking Advanced Online Journalism (which is the upperclass verision) in the next couple semesters.

Media & PR- This is more of a communciations focused course, but its okay. Not my exact field of interst but I think it is interesting. I also think it could benefit me in reading news release, media kits, how to work better with people and communciation even better. Also know what happens behind the scenes for news release and press conferences, etc

Photojournalism-This course is pretty cool. Finally and actually learning how to use cameras, how to record and snap till shots, how to edit, how to get good photographs, how to get newsworthy pictures, all that fun stuff. Learning a lot of new stuff.

Career Prep 2-This is a cool course. Teaching us about job applications, resumes, cover letters, and portfolios and how to apply and get jobs. Very useful information.

Travel Media-This course is very cool. Travel and toursim, totally random but its an interesting course. Teaching me how to communicate better, more practice with video production, presentations and what travel media coverage is all about. I’m doing my semester project about the Yukon and how to travel it the right way!


Oh boy. It scares me how good things are going to good! Haha
Stuff is going really great. I’m working out again, its been a month since I quit smoking and its going really well. I’ve slowed down on my alcohol intake. 
I have been focusing on getting myself healthy and making positive changes. 

I am in a much more positive mood and more focused about things. 

I’ve been following more news sources online and looking into internships.

I’m jsut getting my shit together and taking life a little more seriously, and I’m happy I’m making better decisions.


By Cheyanna Dyck

My name is Cheyanna Lorraine and I am an Indigenous journalism student.

I love to write, cook, paint and everything thing about summer! Join me on my chaotic and beautiful adventure of navigating through life.

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