2020 Update

Looking back on 2019

I feel like 2019 went by way too fast. Its like scary how fast that twelve months went by… I finished two semesters of school, moved to Kelowna for the summer and worked. My fall semester flew by.

I blinked and it was 2020.

I’m now in my final year of university. I’ll be done classes this December. I think I will end up graduating in 2021 but whatever, as long as I finish my credits finished by December. I miss home and Kelowna and my family and friends. Its time to wrap up this chapter in my life. I’m excited to finish up the new year and see what it brings me.

I made time for my family, myself and it was an all around positive year. School went very well.

Resolution for 2020?

My resolution in 2019 was to be kinder to myself.

This year I want to challenge myself and set out of my comfort zone more.I made up my goals/to do lists, like I do every year, however, this year I broke them into 4 month segments. So as follows:

January – April

  1. kick ass in school:
  2. prepare work for the summer
  3. arrange my lease on my house
  4. prepare for funding and registration for fall semester
  5. move to Kelowna for the summer
  6. Classes I’m taking:
  • Career Prep 3
  • Media Law and Ethics
  • Digital Communities
  • Advanced Professional Communication

May- August

  1. hand in funding
  2. get a tattoo for my birthday in June,
  3. get my passport started,
  4. take my learners test,
  5. work and save money
  6. Have a great summer surrounded by family, friends and the sun. Go on hikes and try new restaurants and just enjoy my time off

September – December

  1. Return to school for my final semester
  2. Make a trip home for thanksgiving
  3. Prepare for graduation
  4. House hunt with mom
  5. Move home to kelowna in December for good!!!!

2020…The year of the Rat

I think it is a good sign that the Chinese calendar falls on the rat this year… I was born under that sign in 1996 😉

I just know this new year is going to be even better than 2019. I want nothing but growth, love, happiness and good memories…. and some damn tattoos!! This is the year!!

Here’s to new beginnings, fresh starts and a blank canvas ahead of us!

Love and Peace ✌🏽&❤️

– Chey

By Cheyanna Dyck

My name is Cheyanna Lorraine and I am an Indigenous journalism student.

I love to write, cook, paint and everything thing about summer! Join me on my chaotic and beautiful adventure of navigating through life.

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